B.Sc., Tel-Aviv University, Physics, 1976
M.Sc., Tel-Aviv University, Mathematical- Physics, 1980
Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University, Mathematical- Physics, 1984


Assistant, Tel-Aviv University, 1978-83
Visiting Scholar, University of Bourgogne, France, 1981
Postdoctoral Fellow, Weizmann Institute, 1984
Weizmann Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1985-1986
Bantrell Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1987
Assistant Professor, Princeton University, 1987-1993
Associate Professor, Rutgers University, 1993-2000
Professor 2000 -2006 Rutgers University
Distinguished Professor , 2006 – Rutgers University
Institute of Advanced Study (Princeton), Member 2003-2004
Visiting Professor – University Cergy-Pontoise, France 2004, 2005, 2006
Visiting Professor – Technion, Israel, 2007, 2012
Weston Professor-Weizmann Institute, 2008
Visiting Professor, IHES, France, 2008,2009
Visiting Professor-Univ Paris Sud, Orsay-2008
Visiting Professor, Ecole Polytechnique, France 2009
Member of the Physics Grad Faculty, Rutgers 2013-

Awards and Prizes

Fellow of the AMS-2015

Weston Fellowship – Weizmann Institute, 2007 – 2008

International Congress of Mathematicians – Invited talk, Madrid 2006

Grant Award by Research Council Grants, Rutgers 2006
Grant Award by Research Council Grants, Rutgers 1996
Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship in Mathematics, 1988-89
International Conference of Mathematical-Physics, Plenary talk, Marseille 1986
Avraham Cohen Fellowship in Physics, 1982

Journal Editorials

Associate Editor for Letters in Math. Phys., 1999 –
Editorial Board of Geometric and Functional Analysis (GAFA), 2001 -2013
Member of DIMACS and of Editorial Board of Book Series

Service to the Profession

Referee for ERC (European research Council) since 2012
NSF Review Panel, 2003, 2006, 2014
Visiting Comm., Princeton, Physics 1992
Visiting Comm., Toronto 1994, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2009
Visiting Comm., Cergy-Pontoise, France 2004
Referee for NSF proposals
Referee for Math Reviews
Reviews on candidates for positions, Awards, 1995-1999, 2002-2005
Reviews of Books for Publishers
Referee for: Annals Math.,
Duke Math Jour., Lett. Math. Phys., SIAM,
J. Stat. Phys.,
Nonlinearity, Comm. Math. Phys., J. Math. Phys., J. AMS,
GAFA, CPDE and others

Conferences Organized

SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures , Cambridge, England (2014)
“Solitons, Vortices, Minimal Surfaces and their Dynamics” Mittag-Leffler, 2013
SIAM -Philadelphia (2010) Organizer of the Minisymposium on General Relativity
AMS Conference, Rutgers 2007, Co-organizer
SIAM Conference on “Complex Dynamics…”, Utah 2007, Co-organizer
Banff Conference on “Evolution of microscopic and macroscopic fields”, (2006) – Co-organizer
Organizer of “Frontiers of PDE’s and Dynamical Systems,” Rutgers 2003
Conference Committees: Organizing and Scientific Committees of PDE Conference in Rutgers, 2001

Graduate Students

J. Xiao
M. Larenas
A. Kreuger (Technion, 2014)
C. Stucchio (2007 , Courant Institute)
P. Blue (2004, University of Edinbourgh)
K. Bennoune (M.Sc.-Physics, 2003)


M. Beceanu (2010-2012)
Y. Strauss (2003)


Invited talks (conferences only)

Conference on “Algebraic Methods in Field Theory,” Gottingen, 1982
Conference on “Scattering Theory,” Oberwolfach, 1983
“Western States Mathematical Physics Conference,” Caltech, 1985
“Fundamental Problems of Gauge Field Theory,” Erice, 1985
VIII International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Marseille, 1986
American Math. Soc. Meeting, Louisville, 1990
Midwest PDE Conf., Chicago, 1990
Nantes, Int. Colloq. on Semiclassical Methods, 1991
Southern California Analysis and PDE Seminar, 1992
Summer School on Mathematical Quantum Theory, Vancouver, 1993
“Hard Problems in Mathematical Physics,” Ann-Arbor, 1994
Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Related areas of Harmonic Analysis, Edinburgh, 1994
Dynamical Systems Methods in Partial Differential Equations, MSRI, Berkeley,1994
Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and their Applications, The Fields Institute, Toronto, 1995
Partial Differential Equations, Potsdam, 1996
Hyperbolic Dynamics and applications to nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, Rutgers, 1996
AMS Conference, Maryland, 1997
Microlocal Analysis and Mathematical Physics, The Fields Institute Toronto, 1997
Rigorous Renormalization Group, Ascona, Switzerland, 1998
Classical and Quantum Open Systems, Lille, June 1999
Theorie des Resonances, Luminy, June 1999
Nonlinear Dynamics and Renormalization Group, Montreal, August 1999
Statistical Mechanics Conference, Rutgers, 2000
Renormalization Group, Oberwolfach, 2002
Statistical Mechanics Conference, Rutgers 2002
Semiclassical Methods: MSRI 2003
Workshop on the interaction of Gravity with Classical Fields, Montreal 2003
Glanon Meeting, France, June 2005, Series of Invited Talks
“Complex Systems..”, Israel 2005
The 5th Israeli Applied Math Mini-workshop – Technion, 2006
International Congress of Mathematicians – Invited talk, Madrid 2006
The Zygmond Lecture, Chicago 2006
The Zygmond lecture, Chicago 2008
AMS Conference- Section on Nonlinear Dispersive equations, MA (2009)
Workshop on Anderson Localization, Dresden (2009)
Workshop on general relativity, Simons Center (Stonybrook, NY) (2009)
Conference on Nonlinear Optics, Ein-Gedi,(Israel) (2009)
Conference on Nonlinear Dispersive waves, The Schr\”o dinger Institute, Vienna (2010)
SIAM -Philadelphia (2010) Organizer of the Minisymposium on General Relativity
Nonlinear PDE Conference, Johns Hopkins Univ. (2011)
Conference on Dispersive wave Equations, Cergy-Pontoise, France, May (2012)
Conference on Harmonic Analysis, Bejing Normal University, May (2012)
“Solitons, Vortices, Minimal Surfaces and their Dynamics” Mittag-Leffler, 2013
“Stability of Solitary Waves, Pisa, 2014
James H. Belfer Memorial Symposium, Nonlinear Wave Phenomena: From weak nonlinearity to sonic vacuum Technion, 2014
SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures , Cambridge, England (2014)
AMS meeting, San Francisco, 2014


Summer school course given–On Many Body Problems in Quantum Mechanics,Nantes, 1991
Visiting Fellow at the special year on Dynamical Systems Methods in PDE, MSRI, 1994
Visiting Fellow at the Research Programme on Harmonic Analysis and PDE, Edinburgh, 1994
Colloq. and series of talks given on the Problem of Global Existence for the wave equation, Toronto, 1994
Series of talks given on “Time dependent Resonance theory”, Z\”urich, 1996
Series of talks given on “Radiation Damping for Nonlinear Systems”, Z\”urich, 1998
Member of Math Research Group – Bell Labs (2002-2003)
Visiting Fellow, Fields Institute (2003)
Visiting Fellow, University of Notre-Dame (2004)
Visiting Fellow at the Schr\”odinger Institute, Vienna (2010)
Visiting fellow at the Pauli Institute, Vienna (2010)
Course on Soliton Dynamics, Wuhan- China, June (2012)